According to Google it's 'mooie auto' which interestingly enough - phonetically - would translate to 'shitty car' in Danish (the language, not the cake). Guess that could work for Fiat. » 3/03/15 5:59pm 3/03/15 5:59pm

Exactly. Cadillac is treating the symptoms rather than trying to cure the patient. This is the age of transparency - badge engineering doesn't work when you're competing against ze Germans and the Japanese. Wake up GM! » 12/18/14 12:40pm 12/18/14 12:40pm

Fascinating with all the good advice to Mr. Loeb. I'm sure he's dying for someone to tell him how much of a better driver he could be, if he just read comments on the internet. As you were. » 11/15/14 12:21am 11/15/14 12:21am

What's Putin's motivation for all these aggressive displays of power? It puzzles me, as I can't believe he's stupid enough to think he stands a chance in an all-out war with the US and Europe?! » 11/05/14 10:51pm 11/05/14 10:51pm

...aaand the Volkswagen group is doing something like it again here in Denmark, where the original Harlequins (there was a Lupo as well) were rather popular in the 90s. Enter the Skoda Citigo Tivoli! » 7/11/14 8:11pm 7/11/14 8:11pm

Danish authorities have a long history of being very direct in their campaigns towards the general Danish public, making lots of provocative videos on all the classic issues, such as seat belts, speed limits, drinking, and of course texting like the one above. » 5/21/14 8:43am 5/21/14 8:43am

The Nordschleife's younger Grand-Prix sibling is turning 30

Today it's 30 years ago the Nürburgring opened the Grand Prix circuit in a successful attempt to get F1 back into town, after Lauda's near-fatal accident on the Nordschleife in 1976. » 5/12/14 11:45am 5/12/14 11:45am

Being a Danish neighbour for many years, getting frequent flashes of unlimited speed, I recently moved to Germany. And I have to say: Even though traffic effectively limits the speed most of the time, going 200kph to/from work for even a short stretch, just feels fundamentally liberating. Please don't change it,… » 4/08/14 3:40pm 4/08/14 3:40pm

Mercedes OM617! I had a W124 with the successor, the OM602, which had clocked 680000 kms, when I... SOLD the car. In heat and freezing cold it never let me down once, and I only had to top it up with oil now and then. Still miss that car! » 11/24/13 10:25am 11/24/13 10:25am

A year ago or so, there was a Danish television program that investigated exactly that. They did that because several insurance companies denied compensating owners for their lost vehicles, as there were no signs of break in when they were retrieved. » 7/31/13 3:01am 7/31/13 3:01am